5 Reasons Why Your Farm Needs A Storage Container

When it comes to the use of storage containers in agriculture, most people would agree that they really come in handy for general storage. The reality is that you can use a container for a wide range of purposes, in fact the possibilities are endless but first we thought we’d start with our top five.

1. Animal Feed Stores

Did you know that the average cow consumes around 19,710 pounds of grain during its entire lifetime! Multiply that across your whole herd and that soon adds up to a lot of food!

So what better way to store and organise animal feed than in a 20ft container? Secure, weatherproof and ready to place as close to your hungry animals as space will allow, feeding time couldn’t be easier.

2. Tool & Equipment Stores

Storage containers have an instant advantage over barns in that they are secure, waterproof and portable, making them a far safer place to keep expensive tools and farmyard equipment.

And you don’t have to worry about the size, regardless of how much equipment you own, containers range from 10ft up to 40ft providing the perfect solution for your specific needs.

3. Vehicle Garage

You’d be surprised by how much you can fit into a storage container. Their Tardis-like size means that as soon as you enter one, you’ll quickly realise just how much space they provide. To put it into perspective, a 20ft container is the size of an average household garage and just as, if not more so secure.

Double this space with a 40ft container and you’re sure to securely house even the largest of your vehicles.

This makes containers an ideal alternative garage for your quads, tractors, trucks, mowers and combine harvesters to name but a few.

4. Chemical, Fertilizer and Pesticide Storage

Storing pesticides, fertilizers, flammables and chemicals in a fully compliant storage container, will ensure that you meet with the government standards of protecting against any harm to humans, animal health, and the environment.

Our bespoke chemical stores meet with all Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requirements as they are resistant to fire, capable of retaining leakage/spillage, remain dry and frost-free, are adequately ventilated, and ensure security against unauthorised access, providing years of maintenance free service.

5. Self-storage Facilities

Last but certainly not least, the use of containers to set up a self-storage business can be a simple and equally profitable option for any farmer.

Spare land can quickly and easily be turned into revenue by providing containers as self-storage facilities, for the public to rent out. Containers can be used as they are or modified to create multi-compartments.

Mr Box, part of the Mobile Mini family specialises in supplying a full range of containers for agricultural businesses. And as members of the Self Storage Association (SSA), we have helped guide many farmers though the process of setting up self-storage businesses.

If you would like more information on how we can help you use our online form to get a quote or give us a ring today at 0800 783 9885.