Bringing The Shop To The Ship

Repairing and refurbishing naval ships, submarines, and vessels requires equipment of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the problem at hand, vessels might require a large and complex repair, or they might need just a quick, simple fix.

dockyard-engineering-workshop-container-06 When the service or repair needed is minor, a lot of time can be wasted  with workers spending time travelling from the docks to the main engineering workshop, which is usually located some distance away.

To solve this problem, one of our clients wanted a workshop that could easily fit on the docks near the ships, or in some cases actually on-board the vessel. The solution had to be:

  • Affordable – Due to the customer’s budget, a cost conscious solution for a good return on investment was required
  • Durable – Dockyards suffer very strong winds, erosive salt water, and variable weather conditions and the container had to be able to withstand these harsh circumstances
  • Customised – Special equipment and apparatus is needed for repairs, refurbishment, and servicing and the container had to be able to house and allow the operation of the tools required

Affordable Workshop Solution

Container conversions offer an affordable way to build custom workshops purpose designed for the job in hand with all the necessary tools and equipment fully installed in neat, easily moved, packaged solution.

A Workshop Made to Last

The shipping containers that Mr. Box use for conversions provide ultimate durability. They are designed for shipping, meaning they are designed to cope with being subjected to extreme conditions at sea, loaded with enormously heavy cargoes and stacked up to 9 units high.

Custom Conversion Services

Mr. Box worked one-on-one with the client to create a custom solution. All of the customisation was performed on site at Mr. Box.

Mr. Box supplied the unit fully tested, certified and PUWER approved, and arranged delivery to the dockyard using a Hiab-equipped truck (a truck with an on-board crane).

A Sturdy Ship Workshop, Made to Order

The custom, containerised engineering workshop is perfectly suited for the client’s naval dockyard. Workers can now focus on completing small engineering tasks at the site, saving time and improving efficiency.

For more information on the exact specification and modifications we made, as well as photos, see our gallery page with details of this engineering workshop container conversion.