Storage Container Laboratories

Storage Container Laboratories: Rapid Deployment To Remote Sites When universities and other research institutions are deploying in remote locations, they face a dual challenge: how can you house machinery and scientists safely whilst also ensuring lasting durability against inclement weather? Storage containers provide the perfect mobile solution, offering impressive durability and total weather-proofing as well as the ability to move the lab on to new locations. They are also certified to ship, making deployment to a site simple. A container can be converted to suit your lab’s purposes and then shipped so that it is delivered, ready to use, to … Continue reading

The Tradespeople Revolution: Creating Your Own Workshop

Self-employment is at its highest level in the UK since records began, with 4.8 million people choosing to start their own business or freelancing. The main issue of self-employment is finding a place to run your business from. If working from home isn’t an option for you, you’ll be looking for a working space which has low overheads to keep your costs down. A storage container conversion is the perfect solution for a low-cost workspace. A designated work place for your business will make it feel more official, without the high cost of renting an office room or building. Storage … Continue reading

Mr Box Provides Conference Solution for Blackwood Homes

Blackwood Homes provides accommodation across Scotland for people with a range of disabilities and housing needs. When planning for the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual conference in Manchester recently, the team wanted to showcase their innovative homes in all their glory – but transporting a full-size unit to the venue simply wasn’t feasible. And that’s where we came in – replicating one of the firm’s units across three converted storage containers to share with conference delegates. Blackwood’s development manager Stephanie Sutherland said: “We wanted to create a mobile working replica of our connected and highly accessible ‘Blackwood Home’. “Using the … Continue reading

How to Convert A Shipping Container

Wondering how to convert a shipping container? Whether you want to be part of the street food revolution, or you’d like a portable café, storage container conversions provide the perfect mobile business premises. However, before you attempt to convert your own container, it’s worth knowing exactly what goes into the process of taking an old shipping container and transforming it into thriving business premises. At Mr.Box, our process is as follows… Initial customer enquiry At this stage, you need to consider exactly what it is you want. Do you need a larger unit or a smaller one? What sort of … Continue reading

How to create a storage container business

In the world of business, securing premises can be an expensive, confusing process. If you want to launch a customer-facing business such as a café or retail shop, you are likely facing soaring rental costs, redecorating costs and outfitting. Perhaps this explains why there’s been a soaring rise of storage container businesses in the UK. Providing more flexibility, short-notice periods and low overheads, running a business from a storage container gives business owners a more cost-efficient solution. Whatever business you create within a container, the versatility provided by the ability to move it to various new locations provides strong appeal. … Continue reading

What’s Brewing? It Could be Your Next Venture

The UK’s love affair with coffee shows no signs of letting up, so why not take advantage by setting up a container café on your land? If you’re looking to make use of empty land, a container café or shop could be the ideal solution. A dairy farm would be the ideal spot for an ice cream parlour, or use land that has become redundant into a farm shop selling your produce direct to the consumer. Or why not tap into Britain’s growing caffeine addiction – Brits drink about 95 million cups of coffee per day- and set up a … Continue reading

Storage Container Conversions: Revolutionising Retail Spaces

Over the past few years, the UK retail industry has seen a booming trend in pop-up stores. Bars, restaurants, shops, and even art galleries are becoming more of a familiar sight and storage containers have certainly played an important role. Affordability Over Traditional Commercial Spaces It’s no secret that good old bricks and mortar come as an expense, especially for start-up businesses that may be looking for ways to hit the ground running with very little in the way of cash flow.  In fact, a report by The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and EE titled ‘Britain’s Pop-Up … Continue reading

The Most Imaginative Converted Shipping and Storage Containers

Shipping and storage containers may have their respective uses, but there are many ways that they can be given a new lease of life and converted into something a lot different. Over recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of shipping and storage containers that are being used for something other than their original purpose. Their size, shape, and robust nature makes them a popular choice for projects that have limited space, a limited budget, or to heighten an area’s creativity. For businesses situated in city centres, it’s also much cheaper to rent out a storage … Continue reading

Container The Audience

Films and television can conjure many grand images for us, from the red carpet scattered with glamorous celebrities to the green screen where our super heroes really become super.

The humble shipping container is at odds with these images, but containers have actually been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. Like the industry itself, their use has been growing and changing to suit evolving demand. Continue reading

Belville Community Garden Project

The Belville community garden is situated in the space left behind after the demolition of several blocks of 1960s high rise flats, and aims to make the area beautiful once again. They needed a sort of “club house” to offer warmth and shelter, as well as a meeting place for the Belville army of gardeners.

With a limited budget, a shipping container conversion offered the perfect solution. Which is where Mr Box come in… Continue reading