Safe Working for Self-Storage Businesses

As the UK starts to return to a new normal, the British Association of Removers (BAR) has been giving advice to its members on how the self-storage industry can safely return to business. Safely return to business With the housing market back up and running, and people able to view houses again, now is the time to safely return to business for the self-storage industry. An increase in house sales will see an increase in residential customer use of self-storage facilities in the coming weeks. This means there should no longer be restrictions to certain customers, however, you may wish … Continue reading

UK Self-Storage Annual Industry Report 2020

The UK Self-Storage Annual Industry Report gives our self-storage customers great insights into how well the industry is performing and the growth prospects for the following year. Cushman & Wakefield launched the UK Self-Storage Annual Industry Report last month in Partnership with SSA. The report touches on the effect of the coronavirus and how successful self-storage companies will ride out the pandemic. Key results from the UK Self-Storage Annual Industry Report The report includes some key findings which will be extremely useful for our self-storage customers moving forward, including:  Occupancy on current lettable space is 76.2% down from 77.2% last … Continue reading

The Tradespeople Revolution: Creating Your Own Workshop

Self-employment is at its highest level in the UK since records began, with 4.8 million people choosing to start their own business or freelancing. The main issue of self-employment is finding a place to run your business from. If working from home isn’t an option for you, you’ll be looking for a working space which has low overheads to keep your costs down. A storage container conversion is the perfect solution for a low-cost workspace. A designated work place for your business will make it feel more official, without the high cost of renting an office room or building. Storage … Continue reading

How to create a storage container business

In the world of business, securing premises can be an expensive, confusing process. If you want to launch a customer-facing business such as a café or retail shop, you are likely facing soaring rental costs, redecorating costs and outfitting. Perhaps this explains why there’s been a soaring rise of storage container businesses in the UK. Providing more flexibility, short-notice periods and low overheads, running a business from a storage container gives business owners a more cost-efficient solution. Whatever business you create within a container, the versatility provided by the ability to move it to various new locations provides strong appeal. … Continue reading

Goodbye Extension, Hello Storage Container

  When homeowners decide they need additional space, many may turn to extensions and conservatories to bulk out their interiors and provide more utility. However, with the eye-watering costs of extensions starting from £1700-2000 per m2, are there other options for homeowners who want to add a structure to their land? The humble shipping container may not seem the most appealing option, with its robust steel construction at first appearing jarring. However, when you consider it further, storage containers are actually the ideal way to add a building to your property without the soaring costs and significant disruption of extensions. … Continue reading