Make Your Marina Safer With Storage Containers

For marina owners, ensuring that your marina is a safe and secure place for your customers is vital. Many boat owners have possessions or equipment that they don’t want to leave lying around on their boat, but also don’t want to be carrying them too and from home. Boating equipment can be very expensive, so they will want to ensure its protection but it can also be heavy, meaning they won’t want to cart it around too often. So, what’s the solution? Storage containers. What can storage containers do for my marina? By providing storage containers in your marina, the … Continue reading

Securing Your Farm With Storage

Rural crime reached a seven-year high last year, with theft of machinery, equipment and livestock costing the UK £50 million in 2018 alone. Reports have shown that an increasing number of people are taking advantage of the remote locations of farms and the expensive equipment that is stored there. So how do you keep your farm secure? Storage containers are a great way to keep equipment and secure machinery safe and secure from theft. We offer storage containers in a range of sizes, from 8ft to 20ft, so you can choose the model which best suits your needs. Each container … Continue reading

Supplying a Grassroots Rugby Team

Grassroots Rugby: Supplying A Team With the Rugby World Cup hosted in Japan this year, it’s a great time to shed some light on the fantastic sport of rugby. For rugby teams to exist, they must have a certain level of kit that enables them to train and play – but often at a grassroots level this equipment can be hard to source. The supply of a low-level sports team is not something many people ever consider – but a lot goes in to getting people playing… Funding Most rugby clubs, at grassroots level, fund themselves through local sponsorships, player … Continue reading

Shipping Containers For School Caretakers

Optimising Storage in School Facilities Management Facilities managers and caretakers in schools are faced with a difficult operational challenge. In a school environment, there are lots of maintenance considerations and one that is often overlooked is storage space. Whether it’s storing items used by pupils or storing maintenance equipment such as gardening tools, storage must be safe, secure and affordable. As austerity measures continue to burden public sector organisations, facilities managers effectively have to do more with less. To maximise your onsite storage capacities, a secure storage container may provide the most effective solution, especially in terms of storage space … Continue reading

Where Can I Store My Chemical Supplies?

When it comes to storing chemicals, you can’t just put them anywhere. In fact, the containers that you use are incredibly important. Why does it matter where I store them? If you work with chemicals, then you’ll know how dangerous they can be. Storing them incorrectly or somewhere unsecure could yield disastrous results and create a risk to those around you. Under Government guidance, the storage of pesticides, fertilisers, flammables, and chemicals should protect against harm to humans, animals and the environment. HSE requirements on the safe storage The HSE provides a list of requirements for the safe storage of … Continue reading

The Most Imaginative Converted Shipping and Storage Containers

Shipping and storage containers may have their respective uses, but there are many ways that they can be given a new lease of life and converted into something a lot different. Over recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of shipping and storage containers that are being used for something other than their original purpose. Their size, shape, and robust nature makes them a popular choice for projects that have limited space, a limited budget, or to heighten an area’s creativity. For businesses situated in city centres, it’s also much cheaper to rent out a storage … Continue reading

Garden Scheme Ready To Bloom Thanks To Container Donation From Mr Box

Green-fingered pupils at a Bromley school will be given the opportunity to grow their own garden thanks to the donation of a storage container to the Lower Road Allotments.

The collaboration between Nash College, an independent specialist college for learners with moderate to profound learning disabilities and one of Bromley’s largest allotments, will see the garden designed by the students, with flowers, shrubs and a seating area and involve on-year student maintenance. Continue reading