Tips on how best to work from home

Most of us have been faced with the challenge of working from home since the government increased restrictions for some of us this will have been an easy transition for others balancing personal and professional lives can be trying below are some tips to help you maintain that balance and hopefully stay happy and healthy at the same time. Get a Routine – Start a new schedule that works around your household and resembles your ordinary routine to help you stay efficient and motivated, in other words get dressed for the work day, you could even use this as an … Continue reading

Storing up a business opportunity

Are you a removal firm with some land to spare and looking to make it work for you? Self-storage facilities are popping up across the country, and, as Lauren Gladding, Self-Storage and Sales Marketing Manager at Mr Box explains below, setting your own up is as simple as A, B, C. Removal firms are well placed to tap into the self-storage trend. While you may have previous experience of using such facilities for clients who need somewhere to store furniture during a house move, there are plenty of other industries that could also benefit. As Lauren says: “Any company that … Continue reading

What Increased Restrictions Mean for Self-Storage

The Government has recently increased its restrictions on mobility of people across the UK and closed all retail shops. We understand that along with all other business owners across the UK, those in the Self-Storage industry may need advice on how to go about things during these challenging unprecedented times. Here are some tips to help them navigate through: 1. Self-Storage is not retail, it is a service provider. Self-storage stores can remain open for use by essential services and those businesses that remain open under the Government’s new advice. If you do not believe your store has these types … Continue reading

Can I use a shipping container as a garage?

As the UK seeks to solve the housing crisis, more new build homes than ever are constructed. Unfortunately, many of these homes are smaller than traditional properties and often omit one of the most important things for British homeowners – a garage. For many, this means they have to park their cars on the street which can affect insurance and lead to a general lack of safety. These same people often turn to Google for a solution and end up searching for ‘can I use a shipping container as a garage?’ Of course, homeowners are just a small portion of … Continue reading

How is the Coronavirus Affecting the Container Industry?

You may have been following the terrible Coronavirus stories in the news lately. The impact has been awful. You may or may not be aware that these events in China will also have an impact on the UK container industry. So far, the following has happened in China: Container factories have had extended shut downs after the Chinese New Year break. There have been staff shortages at the container factories. Ports and shipping lines are on extended shut downs after the Chinese New Year break. But what does this mean for you as a consumer, looking to buy containers? The … Continue reading

Mr Box convert a container to a laboratory for University of York

What do you do when you need a fully-fitted laboratory created from scratch in a relatively quick timescale? That was the problem facing researchers from the University of York in 2014, when they needed new laboratory space at their atmospheric monitoring observatory in Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa. Building a permanent structure would be time-consuming and expensive, so the team chose Mr Box to create a lab using two 40ft containers, which would then be joined together on site in Cape Verde by the university team. Dr Katie Read, Coordinator of the Cape Verde project for the University … Continue reading

Convert a Container Into a Student Car Garage

car garage container

Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College is a co-educational secondary academy in Berkshire, with over 250 students in the school’s Sixth Form. The school is set to offer a Level 1 course in Motor Vehicle Studies where students undertake automotive assignments in a practical and realistic environment, but lacked a suitable space for the young mechanics to get hands-on with a vehicle. After they reviewed options for developing a learning facility, looking at previous projects we had undertaken, Mr Box was chosen as the ideal solution for the classroom, with a converted container offering the most versatility. … Continue reading

Provide self-storage at your marina

Making Waves Infographic

In 2017, figures showed that the number of people taking part in sailing and watersports hit a seven-year high. In total, over 14.3 million people (27.3% of UK adults) participated in any water-based leisure activities – an increase of two million on the previous year – so this definitely a growth market. However, with the British weather such as it is, boat owners don’t want to be dragging their kit to and from the marina every time the sun shines – far better that they have somewhere safe and secure to store it, so it’s ready and waiting when conditions … Continue reading

A mobile lab – wherever you need it

Sometimes, scientific research needs to take place in the most awkward of environments – a remote island, for example, or a rural African community. Researchers need to be where the subject is, but it’s not always feasible to have access to a fully-equipped lab in every location. Building a laboratory from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly in the developing world, and with funding for research being at a premium, this is often not a cost-effective or practical solution. However, a converted shipping container can make the perfect lab – portable, durable and secure, as well as being able … Continue reading

A taste for containers

With festival season upon us, thoughts soon turn to food and drink – after all, how else are visitors going to keep warm in the unpredictable British weather? In recent years, container conversions have become a staple sight at festivals and outdoor events, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. The 21st century equivalent of a burger van in a layby, container conversions are cheap, sturdy and, most importantly for the food and drink market, portable. Once your unit is fully kitted out, you can take it round the festival circuit, maximising the return on your investment and helping … Continue reading

Thinking Inside of The Box: Businesses That Operate From Shipping Containers

With the rising costs involved in both construction and renting a commercial space, plenty of businesses across the UK are now turning to non-traditional facilities to run their operations. One of these facilities is shipping containers, a strong and secure alternative that have proven to be considerably more affordable than brick and mortar buildings. But what does it take to successfully convert a shipping container? How to Convert A Shipping Container When you decide that a storage container is the best option for your business, certain considerations must be made. While there will always be problems that occur with any … Continue reading

The Advantages of Storage Box Rental

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, buying a storage box to temporarily house your belongings or equipment often far outweighs the cost of rental. These metal storage containers (also referred to as shipping containers) stand to serve a variety of uses for a wide range of industries. What Are the Advantages of Renting Over Buying? Rent or buy? Essentially, it all depends on the nature of your business and what you’ll be using the container for. Understandably, failing to actively use your storage container when you’re renting it means that you’ll be wasting money but, at the same time, … Continue reading