Container The Audience

containing-the-audienceFilms and television can conjure many grand images for us, from the red carpet scattered with glamorous celebrities to the green screen where our super heroes really become super.

The humble shipping container is at odds with these images, but containers have actually been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. Like the industry itself, their use has been growing and changing to suit evolving demand.

Containers have been included in many iconic scenes in the past, and also have uses beyond appearing on screen.

Containers On Screen

  • Some film sets are built from stacked containers. For instance, the fronts of containers can be covered and decorated to look like shopfronts and cafés by artists and set designers.
  • Sometimes containers appear as themselves: An extended battle sequence in Iron Man 3 features many shipping containers at a port.
  • In Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, the protagonist works in a shipping yard, moving containers with a crane.
  • In Lethal Weapon 2, one of the protagonists uses a shipping container to crush a bad guy.

Containers Off Screen

  • Containers can be converted into hair and makeup studios, making it possible to easily transport these resources from set to set.
  • Converted containers are regularly used for a big summer favorites: popup cinemas. Containers can serve as box offices, bars, and as food stands to sell popcorn, sweets, and soft drinks.
  • The media art group Springboard created a roving movie theater out of two shipping containers.

The same traits that make containers ideal for shipping make them useful for cinema: They’re customizable, letting them serve as anything from a battle prop to a fake storefront to a real, functional bar. And they’re durable; the strength that lets them survive cross-ocean voyages also lets them take a pounding as they move from set to set.

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