Creating Remote Site Facilities With Storage Containers

From testing sites nestled in the countryside to remote offices on wind farms that are situated far away from civilisation, many water testing, agricultural and energy companies have distinct need for safe, secure and efficient remote facilities.

Every site faces several challenges – from amenities for the workers who work on the site through to security and weatherproofing concerns. At Mr. Box, we are specialists in providing containers and conversions to accommodate businesses with the most challenging needs. We can also help build portable facilities such as laboratory and water analysis facilities.

If you are planning a remote or portable site, here are the considerations you must take into account:

Site Workers

On a remote site, workers often operate on an adhoc drop-in/drop-out basis. Alternatively, some companies employ overnight workers who must practically live on their site. In some cases, workers live on site for the duration of the work, which was the case when we helped the British Antarctic Halley V Research Station build sleeping cabooses. Whichever scenario, you have a duty to provide amenities such as a toilet and office. Our portable toilet and offices are ready-built for general site needs, but we can further customise to suite the needs of your specific site.


In a remote location, theft poses a real threat. On unmonitored sites, especially, thieves can break in and steal equipment without any risk of being caught. That makes proactive security measures vitally important. Our storage containers are made of durable steel and can be fitted with additional locking measures that make them virtually impregnable to anything but a determined assault. This gives your site a level of reassurance – although we would also recommend CCTV systems on any unmanned site to keep it totally secure.


On remote sites, weather can be a real issue. Unlike manned sites, where works are often called off and assessments are made based on conditions, more remote areas are at the mercy of the elements. All of our containers can be used to build facilities that are completely weather sealed – and we can also offer coatings and insulation to prevent against rust and interior condensation. All of this means you can build a site office or facility that withstands all weathers without any need for ongoing maintenance.

Machinery & Equipment

Whether your site is remote or you need something portable, it is likely you will need to house expensive machinery in a safe, secure space. Our containers can be built to not just store machinery, but utilise them as part of their design. This was the case when we built a portable water analysis facility that was used on remote sites in Scotland, which also included welfare units for staff. Keep your equipment safe and create purpose-built portable facilities with our containers.

For those deploying to remote sites or who need a safe and secure solution for their portable facilities, Mr. Box are the specialists in providing and customising new as well as used storage containers to suit your requirements. From arctic sleeping quarters to water treatment plants, we can help you build remote site facilities. Get in touch to learn more.