Downsizing Effectively With Self Storage Containers

There are many reasons why people decide to move into a smaller home. Perhaps it’s a change in lifestyle, or your children have flown the nest and downsizing seems like the most financially sound choice. Either way, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is what to do with all of your belongings.

A self storage container can help to make this process easier, giving you a short-term solution to store anything that you don’t want to immediately move into your new home. Here are some tips that will help to make a stressful time run a little smoother.

Plan in Advance

The first step of any move is to consider which of your belongings you need now, which you will need later, and which you don’t need at all. Is there a considerable size difference between your current home and the property you’re moving into? If so, it may be wise to take measurements your rooms and larger items of furniture so that you can plan what steps to take next. Being as organised as possible in the early stages of your move will elevate any later stress.

Take It One Room at A Time

We naturally tend to accumulate a lot of things as the years go by, so it’s a good idea to be ruthless about your decluttering. By creating an inventory of each room, you’ll find it much easier to sort your belongings into three categories – keep, donate, and bin. You’d be surprised at home many of your belongings will fall into the donate or bin piles, putting you in a better position to downsize.

Consider Seasonal Items

Certain seasonal items can take up a lot of room in the home. Do you want to give up precious space for something that only comes out once a year? Items such as holiday decorations, camping equipment, and sports equipment and even seasonal clothing can take up more space than expected so why not pack them up and keep them in a secure self storage unit until the next time that you need them?

Choosing the Right Size Storage Container

So, you’ve decided that a self storage container is exactly what you need, but which size is best? After all, you don’t want to turn up at your hired storage container only to find that your belongings won’t fit. Most storage containers are available in 4 standard sizes at 8, 10, 20 or 40ft long, and the size that you choose will of course depend solely on the amount that you have to store. Luckily, most companies will have consultants who are experts at finding exactly how much storage space you need!

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