Goodbye Extension, Hello Storage Container


When homeowners decide they need additional space, many may turn to extensions and conservatories to bulk out their interiors and provide more utility. However, with the eye-watering costs of extensions starting from £1700-2000 per m2, are there other options for homeowners who want to add a structure to their land?

The humble shipping container may not seem the most appealing option, with its robust steel construction at first appearing jarring. However, when you consider it further, storage containers are actually the ideal way to add a building to your property without the soaring costs and significant disruption of extensions.

Better yet, in the UK you generally don’t need planning permission for shipping containers, as they are classed as temporary structures just as caravans and mobile homes are. However, this is not a guarantee and further consultation with a storage container provider may be necessary.

Additional Storage

First and most obvious, storage containers can fulfil their named purpose and act as a great way to add storage to your property – especially for people looking to store valuable items or large machinery. Thanks to the all-steel construction of a container, as well as the secure locking mechanisms they boast, they offer a far more robust and safe way to store your items. For example, a storage container is better suited than a wooden shed to store a driveable lawn mower.

A storage container used in this way requires minimal modifications. Sometimes you may want to decorate the exterior to blend in with your outside space and look less industrial, or to modify it slightly to look more like part of your design scheme.

Garden Office

Do you work from home? You could create your own office space in your garden with a storage container conversion, eliminating the need to ‘cannibalise’ space in your home and instead creating a new area for you to work.

Creating a hideaway workspace is a technique once beloved by famous writers such as Henry David Thoreau, who would use a garden shed and a typewriter. Using a shipping container conversion offers more space, comfort and importantly, security.

You will need to choose a container that includes insulation and some form of window cut into it to allow natural light into the space, otherwise you will essentially be working in entirely artificial light – which isn’t the best thing for morale or productivity. You can incorporate a range of different furniture layouts and materials in a container space due to security and weatherproofing, whereas a shed may limit your overall comfort and choice of materials. Finally, a shipping container converted office means you can store your computing and office electronics securely.

Games Room

If you have children, especially as they begin to enter their teenage years, you may experience the difficulty of balancing your own relaxation and their leisure time. Creating a separate games room is often the solution, but a full extension or devoting an entire room in your home can limit your space. Instead, a storage container conversion can provide the security and comfort required – but you will need conversion elements to make things comfortable. This could include windows, light fixtures and even exterior cladding to make the building look more homely.

Of course, the possibilities for what you do with your extra building are virtually endless. From garden bars to portable offices, Mr Box can convert shipping containers to suit almost any purpose. Whether you need additional storage space or want a specific building, storage containers provide a more cost-effective, less disruptive way to enhance your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the possibilities.