How to house stock with better product storage

Whether you’ve stockpiled for Christmas or have an excess of unsold product lying around, newcomers to retail can often find themselves overwhelmed by stock. If you’re launching a homegrown business, the majority of people begin by housing stock in their home – but this can quickly grow unsustainable. You immediately compromise on available space in your home.

For smaller retails who operate high street shops, storage space is limited generally to backrooms – which again can be quickly overwhelmed in periods of peak demand. In a worst-case scenario, unsold stock you’ve bought anticipating the Christmas rush can overload your home or facility.

So how can you keep your stock safe, secure and in great condition so it can be sold? You need a cost-efficient solution that means you’re still in profit – that can also protect your goods against theft and keep them in useable condition.

Storage containers are an ideal solution – as they can be rented to fit demand. If, for example, you anticipate having lots of stock for a certain season, you can rent a container solely for that period. Each container can be customised to suit your needs with shelving or other modifications. All are made with durable steel that is fully weatherproof, ensuring all contents are kept dry.

When it comes to retail, theft is a constant issue. When you’re housing lots of stock that is not always monitored, it’s vital you have adequate protection so you don’t incur losses. Our containers are fitted with a high security lock box and anti-jemmy lugs to protect the padlock and keep the container safe against forced entry.

For those seeking large-scale storage solutions, our containers can also be stacked to make the most of your available land. In addition, for those retailers who require it, we can also customise containers to act as pop-up stores you can deploy to different locations. Ideal for selling off surplus stock in a town fayre or market.

Whether you require a short-term overflow storage solution that provides total security against theft, vandalism and the elements or want a longer term customised unit you can use as stock storage and a pop-up store, Mr. Box can help customise a container to suit your needs and your branding.

Stand out from the crowd and solve your storage issues with Mr Box. Contact us today to get started.