Containing the football fever

Playing football is not just a sport, it is a way of life or as Brazilian legend Pelé named it, ‘The Beautiful Game’!

With over 3,500 football teams in the country and over 64,000 footballers playing regularly in local leagues, keeping the the gear safe and the players and staff comfortable is a challenge for grassroots football clubs.

Making sure the kit is ready for the Sunday league or mid-week training session or discussing team tactics are all essential parts of the game and so a suitable space is a must.

While some clubs up and down the country may have basic, permanent structures on site, they may not be up to scratch in terms of security and space for the office function, changing rooms or storage.

One answer to the problem is a portable container. No more taking home muddy balls and nets and bringing the gear back between training and tournaments or standing under a dripping hut sheltering from the rain and wind.

Easy to install

If you are looking to change or upgrade your football club facilities, our units can offer the perfect solution and provide many benefits over fixed structures, especially when it comes to time and value for money. Less noise and mess and a quick turnaround for installation for one. And you may be surprised to find that units do not require planning permission at all.

Safe storage

A storage unit can provide an excellent space for stowing of the all-important team gear, thanks to the high level of security. To save time on site, when everyone should be concentrating on scoring goals and making saves, the units can be fitted out before installation and ready before you can say half time!

A perfect meeting space or people place

Our converted containers offer the perfect alternative to an office building and suits a variety of uses. The units offer a water and weatherproof location for the club office, a team changing room with toilets and showers or a warm, protected space for motivating the players when the chips are down!

Insulated and enhanced with features such as doors, windows, electricity, they are robust, extremely secure and ideal for all the British weather conditions, which as we know can change very quickly.

They are also incredibly versatile in terms of size and space and can be joined together to increase the height and length to meet your specific needs.

Perfect for now and in the future

Both types of units can be hired or bought, so offer a short and longer-term solution. They can also be moved when no longer required or used for alternative purposes, so they provide much more in the way of flexibility compared with fixed buildings and are environmentally friendly.


If you’d like to know more about using a containers for your football club, get in touch with our friendly team by emailing or calling 0808 2780031.