Make Your Marina Safer With Storage Containers

For marina owners, ensuring that your marina is a safe and secure place for your customers is vital. Many boat owners have possessions or equipment that they don’t want to leave lying around on their boat, but also don’t want to be carrying them too and from home. Boating equipment can be very expensive, so they will want to ensure its protection but it can also be heavy, meaning they won’t want to cart it around too often. So, what’s the solution? Storage containers.

What can storage containers do for my marina?

By providing storage containers in your marina, the boat owners can pay to use them. This provides them with a safe place for their belongings, also keeping crime down in general in your marina, leaving your business unthreatened.

You can choose to buy or rent your storage containers from us for a reasonable price, knowing that you’re providing an invaluable service for your customers.

Which type of storage container do I need?

Mr Box storage containers are a safe and secure place for self-storage. We have a range of types and sizes of storage container available that would be suitable for a marina. Choose from 8, 10, 20 or 40ft, depending on the size of your marina and how many customers would be needing storage. Our multi-compartmental units are very popular, which is one large unit split into several compartments, each with its own secure locking door and ventilation. If you’re looking to add multiple storage containers, the units are stackable and we can provide a staircase for safe access.

What do storage containers include?

Our containers are built to a full marine specification, making them ideal for use in a marina. They are manufactured from strong, corrosion-resistant steel, so you can be assured that the elements will have no effect on them. Each is fitted with additional ventilation to prevent condensation. This is an important factor for boat owners, as they may be storing metal items or boat equipment which they need to keep free from rusting.

Lining and insulation is also available as an optional extra. We can also apply a special spray treatment to the ceiling to prevent condensation if damp goods are likely to be stored occasionally.

Each of our containers is fixed with a factory fitted lock box, which has anti-jemmy lugs fitted to the door, shrouding the padlock and protecting it from being tampered with. You can assure your customers that their possessions will be safe in our containers.

Contact us today to find out more about our storage containers and the use they can bring in marinas.