Mr Box Featured In The Mover Magazine

40ft 8 Door Multi-compartment Container

40ft 8 Door Multi-compartment Container

The Mover magazine, a trade publication on the moving industry, recently featured an article on Mr Box, describing the self storage business and how it has grown since its founding in 2000.

The article, which you can read here, explained several features that have helped Mr Box thrive, starting with Mr Box’s simple yet effective containers.

Because they are “fully weatherproof and secure,” the containers eliminate the need for additional buildings. Furthermore, they are customizable, as roughly half of Mr Box–supplied units are modified, like the article’s example of a 40-foot, eight-room subdivided container.

Russell Mac - Mover Magazine Article

Russell Mac – Owner, St Johns Self Storage

“Initially we thought about buying old shipping containers from wherever we could find them, but we needed them to be presentable, secure, and above all dry,” said Russell.

“After looking at various suppliers we came upon Mr Box in Ipswich and were impressed with the quality of their units, especially the ventilation system that helps keep everything dry. They’re also a good company to deal with and very reliable.”

Beyond the containers themselves, The Mover also described Mr Box’s business approach, which is centered on helping their clients start up and expand. Sarah Jones, the company’s general manager, was quoted on the topic: “We supply about 50 self storage sites in the UK and we’ve helped many of them to get started by advising them on things like planning the site, security, obtaining planning permission and drawing up terms and conditions.”

Sarah Jones - Mr Box

Sarah Jones – Mr Box

With over 12 years’ experience Mr Box is keen to attract more people to the self storage industry and is happy to offer free advice to anyone thinking of entering the business. Call or email Mr Box today for your self storage container needs – 0800 783 9885.

The Mover’s editor, Steve Jordan, describes the magazine as the moving industry’s only independent publication. The magazine monitors industry news and publishes regular features. Its website is