Quicksilver Removals and Storage Case Study

Quicksilver Removals and Storage is a premier movers and storage firm in the North East.

With over 30 years’ experience, a sterling reputation and a desire to grow, in January 2019 the firm made the decision to expand its domestic and self-storage offering. That’s where Mr Box came in to help.

After extensive research to find their perfect self-store partner, the team at Quicksilver got in touch with us. Joanne Ball, commercial business manager at the company said: “We were impressed by Mr Box’s professional approach.

“A key selling point for us was the opportunity to feature on the Mr Box website as a key self-storage provider within Newcastle, gaining us fantastic exposure and access to our target market.”

While exploring this side of self-storage, the company initially purchased two containers at a time through Mr Box. Once these were rented, it purchased another two, and so on.

Eight months later, the firm is flying high with 12 full containers, and plans to grow to 14 once disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic eases. Quicksilver also holds 800 full wooden containers within its warehousing, 20% of which are hired on a self-store basis.

The firm targets local residents who are looking to free up space in their home, renovators getting work completed on their property and small businesses who need to store extra stock – as Joanne says: “Anything goes with storage.”

This open, all-encompassing attitude coupled with a simplistic process is what has allowed Quicksilver to expand its offering so smoothly and easily.

“We like to keep things straight-forward for our customers,” explained Joanne. “A potential storer will visit our site, we provide a quote and upon acceptance they are given an access code for the gated, secure compound, along with a key for their container. It’s fast and it’s simple.”

But that’s not to say the business hasn’t faced challenges since branching out into self-storage. Quicksilver operates an independent document archive service, and its main challenge was to find a suitable place for self-storage access which didn’t impact on security since storers would be able to access their containers 24/7.

However, once this was resolved, Quicksilver was able to offer a secure and easily accessible service for its customers.

“The main benefit Mr Box’s containers provide to our business is that we can provide a renter with a key, and they have access to their belongings whenever they like, not just during our working hours,” says Joanne.

“We don’t need a warehouse team to bring the relevant container down, or a security worker to escort the storer. Self-storage is much easier, less restrictive, and less labour intensive.

“As a family run business, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, with clients returning to us time after time for our reliable service.”

She continued: “The team at Mr Box reflect these values and have always been extremely helpful. Containers are always delivered on time, with a good turnaround.

“The addition of Mr Box containers has allowed us to improve our offering and grow as a business – something which we’re extremely proud of. We would definitely recommend.”