Safely Housing Machinery on Site

As a facilities manager, your machines are often the most important and expensive pieces of equipment on your site. Whether you are temporarily renting machines for a project or have permanent machines in place such as a diesel lawnmower for a school caretaking role, it’s almost always machinery that you rely upon most for day to day work. Unfortunately, if you operate outdoors your machinery is immediately at risk from a number of factors.


The first risk is that of security – on schools, agricultural land, construction sites and more, machinery is often stolen. In fact, theft and vandalism on construction sites was estimated to cost the UK’s construction industry £800 million alone. To protect against theft, businesses are faced with costly choices: install tracking systems, CCTV and other monitoring tools, or invest in a more secure storage system to keep your machinery and valuable equipment safely under lock and key.

With Mr. Box, you can buy a permanent, new or used shipping container to house machinery on site. Not only will it be far harder for opportunists to steal anything from your site, it also eliminates the risk of vandalism.

Out of sight, out of mind

Smaller equipment such as quad bikes, ploughs and lawnmowers are attractive to thieves as they are high value – but if they are hidden away inside a storage container thieves will not even know they are there. Containers are often generic looking and do not visually identify as a worthy target for theft. This ensures that both vandalism and theft become a non-issue. Once locked, the equipment can often be added to an insurance policy as the goods become virtually impossible to access to anyone other than the key holder.

Condensation proofing

While all of our containers are weatherproof, more expensive machinery such as high end agricultural equipment necessitates the use of insulated, lined containers that can prevent the onset of condensation and provide an ambient internal temperature. This ensures all vital machinery is kept in perfect working condition and won’t accelerate rust or damage.


Smaller electronic machinery such as computers and servers can be housed safely in containers. Our weatherproofed containers provide total peace of mind in terms of both security and waterproofing, but we can also offer additional customisations to our containers if you would like to create a site/field office that houses CCTV monitors, office electronics and more.

Whatever machinery you aim to house on site, using a storage container from Mr. Box allows you to create a safe and secure home to store small, medium and large machinery in a weatherproof, vandal-proof way. To learn more about our storage container capabilities, enquire today.