Safe Working for Self-Storage Businesses

As the UK starts to return to a new normal, the British Association of Removers (BAR) has been giving advice to its members on how the self-storage industry can safely return to business.

Safely return to business

With the housing market back up and running, and people able to view houses again, now is the time to safely return to business for the self-storage industry. An increase in house sales will see an increase in residential customer use of self-storage facilities in the coming weeks. This means there should no longer be restrictions to certain customers, however, you may wish to continue or implement an appointment only system as a means to manage social distancing.

The current social distancing procedures need to become a normal and functional part of your operation with a full store of customers. Procedures that work during lockdown with limited visitors to the store may not be suitable once more people are travelling and your store gets busier.

We recommend stores consider the following practices:

  • Place 2m grid squares or markers on the floor in loading areas, reception, lift bays and other areas where customers may congregate
  • Extensive signage on lifts ensuring only one person in the lift at a time
  • Place a limit on the number of people in the reception area, based on its size
  • Position furniture or other physical barriers that prevent customers from approaching staff in reception areas
  • Continue to encourage new customers to complete paperwork online
  • Provide masks and gloves for staff to wear if they feel they are required when interacting with customers
  • Maintain robust cleaning practices, especially around common areas like keypads, door handles, lifts and trolleys
  • Provide sanitiser for customers and staff to clean common touch areas
  • Some stores may wish to consider installing clear plastic barriers to separate staff and customers in reception, particularly for smaller rooms and where paper contracts are still being completed in reception. This would be dependent on the needs of each business