Securing Your Farm With Storage

Rural crime reached a seven-year high last year, with theft of machinery, equipment and livestock costing the UK £50 million in 2018 alone. Reports have shown that an increasing number of people are taking advantage of the remote locations of farms and the expensive equipment that is stored there. So how do you keep your farm secure? Storage containers are a great way to keep equipment and secure machinery safe and secure from theft.

We offer storage containers in a range of sizes, from 8ft to 20ft, so you can choose the model which best suits your needs. Each container is built to marine specification from Corten steel, making it difficult for intruders to get in unnoticed. The steel is corrosion-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it being damaged by the elements if you choose to keep it in an unsheltered area of your farm. Our newer containers are fitted with ventilation to avoid condensation, so you can be reassured that any metal equipment or machinery won’t be damaged by rust or moisture.

Rest easy knowing that your farm equipment is safe in storage containers with secure locking systems. The waist-high locking bars are easy to use and provide ultimate security. A factory fitted lock box is also fitted to the doors with anti-jemmy lugs, stopping anyone from forcing entry into the container. We can also offer optional extras such as racking and insulation.

One of the biggest losses to farmers in rural crime cases is the theft of chemicals. Chemicals used for farming can be valuable and are often the target for thieves. We offer a range of chemical bunded storage containers to keep your farming supplies safe from theft. Government guidance requires certain chemicals to be kept in secure containers to protect surrounding people, animals or the environment from harm. Our anti-vandal chemical stores are secure, as well as complying to Health and Safety requirements.

Storage containers are a reasonably priced way to protect your farming equipment. Considering that agricultural vehicle theft alone cost £7.4 million in 2018, it’s too high a risk not to keep your assets protected by a larger container that can house your machinery. It’s absolutely worth making a small investment in storage containers for your machinery and equipment, to give yourself peace of mind and to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Contact us today to get pricing information on our storage containers and chemical containers. To avoid losing money to farming theft, make a call today to 0808 278 0031 or contact us via our website to get a quote for your storage container requirements.