Shipping Containers For School Caretakers

Optimising Storage in School Facilities Management

Facilities managers and caretakers in schools are faced with a difficult operational challenge. In a school environment, there are lots of maintenance considerations and one that is often overlooked is storage space. Whether it’s storing items used by pupils or storing maintenance equipment such as gardening tools, storage must be safe, secure and affordable.

As austerity measures continue to burden public sector organisations, facilities managers effectively have to do more with less. To maximise your onsite storage capacities, a secure storage container may provide the most effective solution, especially in terms of storage space to cost ration.

Storage challenges in a school

Opting for a cheaper way to expand storage, such as new shelving, not only means sacrificing room in your school’s interior, but also presenting a risk of objects falling from height. As a facilities manager, you can sometimes be held liable for accidents caused by dangerous storage (for example, if a staff member tries to retrieve an object from a high shelf and slips.) For that reason alone, storage needs to be secure and safe.

You also need to bear access in mind. If, for example, tools or equipment are stored in a room where children will be in attendance, you may not be able to access the items you need at the time you need them. You will also need to ensure that students and visitors cannot gain access to tools or equipment that may harm them.

Generally, however, it is not tools or equipment that necessitates storage. Instead it is usually something that has been ordered for students without the foresight of where it will be stored – such as a new order of sporting or classroom equipment. On such occasions you need to rapidly get the goods into a storage space to protect them from theft, vandalism or even just wear and tear.

For many schools, this could mean having to build an entirely new structure in which to house surplus items. However, a storage container may provide a superior alternative.

Storage containers as a solution

Portable storage containers are the perfect solution to a school facilities manager’s problems. Not only is a container a safe and secure environment in which to store goods, it is also a semi-portable solution that can be moved around the school’s grounds if need be. They are far more affordable than building a new storage space, and can even be customised to fit certain requirements such as additional security, shelving etc.

With a storage container, you effectively ‘free up’ space within the school building itself by adding a dedicated, spacious storage environment. Mr Box storage containers are totally weatherproof, so they can house anything from expensive machinery to electronic classroom equipment.

As a final benefit, access to a storage unit is controlled solely by those who have the right means of access. Students and teachers cannot enter without your consent, and therefore cannot expose themselves to potential injury and items within cannot be stolen or damaged.

For a school environment, where optimising costs and space is always a priority, a storage container provides a great way to boost storage space and keep items safe, secure and in good condition. Better yet, they can be temporarily rented or bought depending on your requirements. If you have a short-term storage need, hire of a 20ft/8ft container starts from just £9 per week + VAT. This means not having to overspend on your budget and gives you a storage solution that suits your timescale.

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