Storage Container Conversions: Revolutionising Retail Spaces

Over the past few years, the UK retail industry has seen a booming trend in pop-up stores. Bars, restaurants, shops, and even art galleries are becoming more of a familiar sight and storage containers have certainly played an important role.

Affordability Over Traditional Commercial Spaces

It’s no secret that good old bricks and mortar come as an expense, especially for start-up businesses that may be looking for ways to hit the ground running with very little in the way of cash flow.  In fact, a report by The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and EE titled ‘Britain’s Pop-Up Retail Economy’ estimated that the pop-up sector is now worth a staggering £2.3 billion.

Once the initial cost of a new or used storage container is covered, there is little in the way of maintenance costs and with such an impressive growth in the industry many insurance companies are now offering packages at competitive rates.

If the £2.3 billion price tag doesn’t prove that shipping containers are needed in the retail industry, you only need to take further at cities such as London and Newcastle that have retail spaces that are thriving thanks to innovative container conversions.

Storage Container Conversions to Transform Any Space

Some may argue that London’s now famous Boxpark Shoreditch was one of the first storage container retail parks to appear on the scene. It’s now home to 19 restaurants and bars and 27 shops, and since its conception has provided a platform for DJs, singers, musicians, and spoken word performers too. It’s sister site, Boxpark Croydon, has 35 places to wine and dine, and the company as a whole employs over 26,200 people.

Similarly, Newcastle upon Tyne has seen two recent storage container developments. Both STACK and By The River Brew Co (which calls itself ‘A Creative Container Community’ ) have proven to be huge successes.

The rise in this type of retail space goes hand in hand with the rise in handmade crafts and artisan foods, giving independent businesses a chance to reach a new type of consumer. Innovative container conversions will prompt these consumers to go out of their comfort zone and explore a range of shops, bars, and restaurants that they may not have otherwise considered.

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