Storage Container Laboratories

Storage Container Laboratories: Rapid Deployment To Remote Sites

When universities and other research institutions are deploying in remote locations, they face a dual challenge: how can you house machinery and scientists safely whilst also ensuring lasting durability against inclement weather?

Storage containers provide the perfect mobile solution, offering impressive durability and total weather-proofing as well as the ability to move the lab on to new locations. They are also certified to ship, making deployment to a site simple. A container can be converted to suit your lab’s purposes and then shipped so that it is delivered, ready to use, to your research site. Creating a fully-fitted laboratory in a short amount of time is never an easy process, but by choosing a storage container to house your lab you eliminate much of the worries associated with other structures.

Case Study: University of York’s atmospheric monitoring observatory in Cape Verde

The University of York needed an atmospheric monitoring laboratory without the expense and time associated with building a permanent structure. The remote nature of the project meant they needed a lab on site that could withstand the elements and house its own power supply as the site had intermittent power.

The container was shipped to Cape Verde after being pre-customised to include doors, lab benching, air conditioning, gas lines and cylinder racks. Once it arrived on the site in 2014, installation was easy – the container simply needed to be hooked to the back-up generator on site. Five years later, the site is still functioning.

Your laboratory project

Choose Mr.Box for your lab project and we can design a fully-functional lab that securely houses your equipment, allowing you to ship the whole container as a ‘finished article’ that can be deployed to your site and begin service immediately. In remote locations, providing safe housing for your equipment protects it from damage – but it can also provide shelter and respite for employees or volunteers working on the project.

The modifications we need to make in order to make your lab functional won’t hamper the ability to ship. We will recertify your finished lab container so it can be shipped to your site rapidly.

Security and safety

Our storage containers are made from durable Corten steel, which is resistant to corrosion and completely weatherproof. In a lab, where chemicals and outdoor conditions can pose risks, this steel construction provides peace of mind and additional safety. In addition, the containers are easily secured against theft or vandalism thanks to a high-security lock boxes and anti-jemmy lugs on the doors – perfect when the unit will be unattended in a remote site.

Whatever your remote lab requirements look like, we are experienced in container conversions and can work with you to build a secure, safe and purpose-built container laboratory. Get in touch today to learn more.