Mr Box Provides Conference Solution for Blackwood Homes

Blackwood Homes provides accommodation across Scotland for people with a range of disabilities and housing needs. When planning for the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual conference in Manchester recently, the team wanted to showcase their innovative homes in all their glory – but transporting a full-size unit to the venue simply wasn’t feasible. And that’s where we came in – replicating one of the firm’s units across three converted storage containers to share with conference delegates. Blackwood’s development manager Stephanie Sutherland said: “We wanted to create a mobile working replica of our connected and highly accessible ‘Blackwood Home’. “Using the … Continue reading

A mobile lab – wherever you need it

Sometimes, scientific research needs to take place in the most awkward of environments – a remote island, for example, or a rural African community. Researchers need to be where the subject is, but it’s not always feasible to have access to a fully-equipped lab in every location. Building a laboratory from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly in the developing world, and with funding for research being at a premium, this is often not a cost-effective or practical solution. However, a converted shipping container can make the perfect lab – portable, durable and secure, as well as being able … Continue reading