A taste for containers

With festival season upon us, thoughts soon turn to food and drink – after all, how else are visitors going to keep warm in the unpredictable British weather?

In recent years, container conversions have become a staple sight at festivals and outdoor events, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

The 21st century equivalent of a burger van in a layby, container conversions are cheap, sturdy and, most importantly for the food and drink market, portable.

Once your unit is fully kitted out, you can take it round the festival circuit, maximising the return on your investment and helping your brand become a recognised fixture at outdoor events.

Alternatively, you can stay put; containers are a great way of getting in where other outlets can’t, with them being kitted out off-site before being taken to where you need them. Check out footage of our installation for Daisy Green Food outside London’s South Bank Centre; the container was transported to site by truck, craned up a set of steps, then skated 100 meters through a pedestrian precinct – all in a day’s work!

Or why not think big? Container villages such as Newcastle’s Stack and Boxpark, which has three outlets in London, have really captured the public imagination. Parks such as this offer start-up businesses an affordable way to get a roof over their heads while also benefiting from the combined footfall.

Whichever you choose, we’re here to help, from the initial concept all the way through to installation.

What’s more, with the theme of sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds, using shipping containers is a great option for the environment. The containers have fulfilled their primary role of carrying cargo and are now adapted for a secondary use – a great way of recycling!

Interested? Get in touch with our friendly team to see if we’ve got the right ingredients for your next venture!