The Most Imaginative Converted Shipping and Storage Containers

Shipping and storage containers may have their respective uses, but there are many ways that they can be given a new lease of life and converted into something a lot different.

Over recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of shipping and storage containers that are being used for something other than their original purpose. Their size, shape, and robust nature makes them a popular choice for projects that have limited space, a limited budget, or to heighten an area’s creativity.

For businesses situated in city centres, it’s also much cheaper to rent out a storage container than an office block. This has led to the rise of many shopping container villages in the UK and further afield, such as the recently built STACK social hub in Newcastle upon Tyne. Here’s how some people have taken their imagination to the next level.

Imaginative housing
In areas with limited space, larger containers can be stacked on top of each other to make apartment-style homes. This has proven to be a solution in growing cities that are facing a housing shortage.  In the Netherlands, a project named Tempohousing has transformed shipping containers into student accommodation in Amsterdam. Similarly, the Urban Rigger project in Copenhagen has created student accommodation that floats on the river.

Last year, the Mobile Mini Bristol branch donated a 24ft container to local charity Help Bristol’s Homeless (HBH) which was converted into a self-contained studio flat. This provided the perfect short-term accommodation solution for people in need, giving them the time they needed to find a more permanent home. A fantastic initiative!

A pop-up hotel
Adventurous guests can stay at the ContainHotel, developed by Prague-based firm, Artikul Architects. It may be small, but these shipping containers can be easily disassembled so that the hotel can pop up in different locations. It’s also completely self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

An eco-friendly school
Extending a school to accommodate extra classrooms and space can be a huge, long-term disruption. That’s why some schools are choosing to utilise containers for classrooms instead. These can be installed in only a few weeks and are much more affordable than building from scratch. The Waldorf School in Orange County, California has classrooms built entirely out of recycled containers, and was awarded the city’s Green Design Award for its eco-friendly features.

A modern jacuzzi pool
It may take a lot less work than a home or a hotel but turning a container into a swimming pool has proven to be just as successful. Both shipping and storage containers are already the preferred size and shape for average pools, require no digging into the ground, and can be easily transported. The Canadian company Modpools has done exactly that, with the addition of sanitation, a heating system, LED lights, and jacuzzi jets.

An ode to a TV show
When Mr Box was asked by a PR Agency to turn a modified container into something that would commemorate one of the most-loved TV shows of all time, we jumped at the chance. A 20ft open-sided container was supplied to stand as an ode to ‘Friends’, with AstroTurf laid over the original floor, certified electrics installed, and vinyl marketing logos and furniture added, the container travelled around festivals across the UK.

An Eco-Bridge
Shipping and storage containers are sturdy, but did you ever consider that they’re sturdy enough to form a bridge? Messer-Architects discovered this by laying shipping containers end to end to connect Lord road to the centre of Hiriya Mountain Park in Ariel Shannon Park, Israel. The bridge is used by pedestrians, cyclists and special vehicles and has transformed a previous landfill site into something colourful, exciting, and innovative.

A drive-in movie theatre
To launch T-Mobile’s new 3G technology, the company wanted us to create a drive-in movie theatre with projection screen, bars, games rooms, and an entrance arch. The screen was an impressive 40 feet wide and 32 feet high, allowing two cars to be perched on the top!

Park Avenue/PSL - Pic 1

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