The Tradespeople Revolution: Creating Your Own Workshop

Self-employment is at its highest level in the UK since records began, with 4.8 million people choosing to start their own business or freelancing. The main issue of self-employment is finding a place to run your business from. If working from home isn’t an option for you, you’ll be looking for a working space which has low overheads to keep your costs down.

A storage container conversion is the perfect solution for a low-cost workspace. A designated work place for your business will make it feel more official, without the high cost of renting an office room or building. Storage containers are a lot more versatile than you think. We have converted shipping containers into classrooms, canteens, art galleries, bars and stables to name a few. So why not an office or workshop?

Mr Box shipping containers can be converted with your needs in mind. They can be fitted with high security lock boxes and padlocks, as well as a utility pole for CCTV cameras, so you can ensure that your business won’t lose profits from vandalism or theft. Shelving and racking can be added in for your storage needs, as well as lighting and ventilation.

If you already have office but are short on storage space, a shipping container is perfect for additional storage. Our high security containers are popular with tradesmen who want to keep their expensive tools and equipment safe from theft. A secure shipping container is also a great solution for stock storage. Plumbers or electricians often like to keep a stock of parts to be able to deliver a quicker, more satisfactory experience for their customers and a shipping container is a good way to keep this stock safe and organised.

Most new businesses today are very concerned with their impact on the environment. As we have no control over the policies of large corporations, smaller businesses are trying to take initiative and do their part to be a sustainable business. A shipping container workspace is an eco-friendly option, as it is a recycled unit which has already served its initial purpose of carrying cargo and is now onto its secondary use.

Mr Box shipping container conversions can be externally decorated however you want. Represent your brand with its logo, colours and name all on the outside of the container. With a great number of small businesses popping up all of the time, it’s important to optimise your business by standing out from the crowd! Customer will appreciate your creative flair and different business approach when they see your container workspace.

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