Tips on how best to work from home

Most of us have been faced with the challenge of working from home since the government increased restrictions for some of us this will have been an easy transition for others balancing personal and professional lives can be trying below are some tips to help you maintain that balance and hopefully stay happy and healthy at the same time.

Get a Routine – Start a new schedule that works around your household and resembles your ordinary routine to help you stay efficient and motivated, in other words get dressed for the work day, you could even use this as an excuse to start new healthy habits, go for a run when you would usually commute.

Keep Calm and Carry on – We all still have bills to pay and lives to live. This is effecting everyone in different ways but keep fighting, we will come out of the other side of this. Try to make the most of this time, why not start a to do list?

Connect with People – Customers, Colleagues, Friends, Family we must talk to each other, share your experiences good and bad relating to each other is what makes us human, arranging regular contact can keep us all smiling.

Limit your News Intake – It can be damaging to be consumed with the news and latest updates on current events, take a break from coronavirus or control the time and method you receive this information avoiding anxiety or claustrophobia about the situation.

Make the most of Nature – Open your windows for fresh air bring plants and flowers inside and go out once a day for exercise, doing this can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger and make you feel more relaxed.

Be Happy don’t Worry – Stimulate your mind if you occupy your brain you can dedicate some time to learning an instrument or language, curl up with a book, puzzle or film this can be a positive form of escapism as long as you’re not watching apocalypse programmes.