What Increased Restrictions Mean for Self-Storage

The Government has recently increased its restrictions on mobility of people across the UK and closed all retail shops.

We understand that along with all other business owners across the UK, those in the Self-Storage industry may need advice on how to go about things during these challenging unprecedented times.

Here are some tips to help them navigate through:

1. Self-Storage is not retail, it is a service provider. Self-storage stores can remain open for use by essential services and those businesses that remain open under the Government’s new advice. If you do not believe your store has these types of customers, you should close.
2. If you are sending notifications to your customers, please ensure that it is communicated clearly that the store is only open for essential services and business customers with advice that customers must keep social distancing and that the office and reception will be closed.
3. You should be deterring residential customers from attending the store as this would unlikely be essential travel.
4. If you can manage your store remotely, you should do so.
5. Your staff can travel to work if necessary. If staff need to be in the store, limit to one staff member at any time. Reception and office areas should be closed to customers, staff can use these areas exclusively.
6. Keep to the Government recommendation of social distancing, minimising any contact between customers and between customers and staff. Ensure everyone can keep 2 metres apart minimum and communicate this clearly.
7. Remain vigilant with your cleaning programme.
8. If you chose to close your store, make sure you contact all customers and ensure there are emergency contact details prominent at all entries to the store.