What’s Brewing? It Could be Your Next Venture

The UK’s love affair with coffee shows no signs of letting up, so why not take advantage by setting up a container café on your land?

If you’re looking to make use of empty land, a container café or shop could be the ideal solution. A dairy farm would be the ideal spot for an ice cream parlour, or use land that has become redundant into a farm shop selling your produce direct to the consumer. Or why not tap into Britain’s growing caffeine addiction – Brits drink about 95 million cups of coffee per day- and set up a coffee shop?

Whatever your field (in both senses), Mr Box believes a storage container conversion will really hit the spot.

No commitment

The beauty of a container conversion is how quick and easy we can turn it around. Our projects typically take around four weeks from initial consultation, meaning you can be brewing up in next to no time.

There’s no converting buildings or creating access – everything you need is in one box, ready to be placed in your most convenient location. And if for whatever reason you decide you want the land back, once the container has gone, it’s gone, with no trace left behind.

Up and at ‘em

For farmers, getting a converted container placed on site could not be easier. Our experienced conversions team can work with you to grow your idea into a design by developing specifications that best suit your requirements. Then we’ll deliver your container to you, and all you need to do is add the finishing touches.

Even hooking up your fancy coffee machines will be a doddle. Mr Box director Sarah Jones says: “Once the container is on site, you’ll need some sort of power, but it could be a generator. You’ll also need access to water, but if there’s no easy access, we can help find a way such as installing a water-tank, if necessary.

Locked away

Your precious coffee kit paraphernalia is safe and secure inside a Mr Box container – all units come with secure double-glazed windows and a steel door that locks from both the outside and inside, meaning you can simply lock up and go at the end of the day.
There’s no danger of your stock falling victim to Mother Nature either. All units are watertight and fireproof, keeping your precious produce safe as, er, houses.

We’ll be there for you

Mr Box has over 30 years of experience advising clients on container conversions.
Our team not only supplies the containers, but we can work with you to turn your idea into a design by developing specifications and offering CAD drawings to map out all the features you need.

We can convert containers into almost anything by joining them together and modifying them, even altering the height and length if required.

Interested in finding out more about setting up a container café on your land? Mr Box, part of the Mobile Mini family, has helped people convert containers into cafes for all sorts of locations, which are proving to be very popular. Why not have a look at the examples on our website https://www.mrbox.co.uk/container-conversions/conversions-gallery/