Where Can I Store My Chemical Supplies?

When it comes to storing chemicals, you can’t just put them anywhere. In fact, the containers that you use are incredibly important.

Why does it matter where I store them?
If you work with chemicals, then you’ll know how dangerous they can be. Storing them incorrectly or somewhere unsecure could yield disastrous results and create a risk to those around you.

Under Government guidance, the storage of pesticides, fertilisers, flammables, and chemicals should protect against harm to humans, animals and the environment.

HSE requirements on the safe storage
The HSE provides a list of requirements for the safe storage of chemicals. They state that you must ensure only trained workers have access to the chemicals, that the area must be kept organised, that the storage container used to store them must be:

  • cool
  • dark
  • dry
  • well ventilated
  • capable of keeping spills in

The store you choose to use must also be fire-resistant, frost free, and secure against unauthorised access. Finding somewhere suitable might seem impossible, but it’s not!

Safe Chemical Storage at Mr Box
The affordable range of Chemical Stores supplied by Mr Box meet all of these requirements. They’re made of anti-vandal steel and they’re robust, providing years of maintenance free service. What more could you want?

Other Tips for Storing Chemicals Safely
Once you’ve got your Chemical Store from Mr Box, it’s important to remember to always label your chemicals clearly, including the name, the chemical symbol, and any hazard warnings.

You should also keep chemicals below shoulder level and ensure the following are always apart:

  • solids and liquids
  • flammable liquids and non-flammable liquids
  • acids and alkalis
  • general chemicals and chemical waste

Don’t forget, storing your chemical supplies safely is the best way to avoid accidents and disasters!