Shipping Container Accessories

Container Mounted Flagpole

container mounted flagpoleWe offer digital printed container flagpoles, this is an excellent way to brand your site, or even as a way-finder. It will enable your site to stand out. The flagpole is easily installed into a standard shipping container using the twist-lock mechanism and the bracket can be fitted to all container sizes with the standard shipping container twist locks. » Learn more

Re-chargeable Magnetic Lights

magnetic lightPerfect for your container, this portable LED bar has an Ultra Bright lighting output and is easy to use and mount with its magnetic base and handy hook. » Learn more

Utility Pole

utility lightOur new shipping container utility pole allows you to easily fix light fittings, PIR Sensors and CCTV cameras to a container. Fast and easy to install clamps into the corner casting making this an Ideal product for Self-Storage facilities and Building sites. » Learn more

High Security Lock Box

lockboxFitted as an option on second-hand units, the container lock box is a special steel box which shrouds the padlock and prevents interference using bolt-croppers, angle grinders, chisels, or other methods of forced entry. We also fit additional anti jemmy lugs around the lock box to stop forced entry.   » Learn more


Container Padlock - Pic 1We supply high security padlocks which are specially designed for use with a lock box. These locks can be bought and delivered to you by courier. A replacement key service is also available, so if you lose, break, or need an additional key we’ll send you a new one. » Learn more

Shelving & Brackets

container-shelving-brackets-01Specialist container racking and shelving units are available in a range of types and sizes. » Learn more

Loading Ramps

Container Loading Ramps - Pic 1A range of loading ramps are available, from small pallet truck versions to high rated forklift truck models. They can be constructed either from steel or aluminium and can be rented or purchased. » Learn more


Mobile Stairway System - Pic 1Shipping containers are stackable and so many of our self storage customers stack them on top of each other. Safe access is then a priority and to achieve this we can either sell or rent you a steel staircase. Staircases are available in mobile or static models and are designed to work with container doors or pedestrian doors found in accommodation containers. » Learn more


removeable-container-partitions-01Dividing walls that allow you to split your containers into smaller sections. » Learn more

Repaint Service

Container Repainting - Pic 1We offer a repaint service where we repaint either the exterior or interior of the shipping container. Green or Blue exteriors are popular, but all colour choices can be accommodated. » Learn more

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