Storage Container FAQs

What are storage containers?

They are steel shipping containers manufactured to a very high specification using high tensile Corten (anti-corrosion) steel; they are not only strong and very secure, but also capable of surviving in extreme conditions. These design qualities ensure our containers are ideal to use for storage.

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How heavy are storage containers?

Approximate Empty Tare Weight:

  • 20 foot storage container: 2.25 tonnes or 2200kg
  • 40 foot storage container: 4 tonnes or 3950kg

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How is a storage container constructed?

Standard ISO freight containers are designed to withstand the rigors of marine transportation and are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework, with corrugated steel walls and doors. The floors are 28mm marine ply that is both rot and vermin proof, mounted on steel cross members. Standard containers have double doors fitted at one end, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles. Additionally we also fit a high security lock box.

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How secure are the storage containers?

Storage containers are very secure and virtually vandal proof. As standard, there is provision for the fitment of padlocks to the door handles. For extra security we recommend a steel ‘Lock Box’ to be fitted to the storage container doors. Our ‘Lock Box’ is designed to   encase a high security container padlock and protect the lock from being tampered with. The padlocks we supply fit into our lock boxes with ease. They are supplied with numbered keys and we also offer a replacement key service on request.

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Can you put a storage container anywhere?

We use ‘Hiab’ trucks fitted with their own crane to deliver the containers. The trucks require a delivery site with ample access and solid ground. The on-board crane sets down the storage container from the side of the vehicle and therefore we need approximately a 25ft width to facilitate the offloading. Additionally, there must be no overhead cables or overhanging trees in the way.

The delivery truck will be a maximum size of approximately either 34ft or 60ft long by 8ft 6″ wide. With the storage container on the vehicle the height will be around 15ft and when the crane is extended to its full height this will be approximately 25ft.

If you are not sure about your site, then simply send us a drawing with dimensions and we will check that the delivery is feasible.

Within reason we can get a storage container almost anywhere. All our storage containers have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning, and the majority of 8ft, 10ft and 20ft containers also have forklift truck pockets. If you have any doubts call us and we’ll arrange for an expert to visit your site and carry out a survey.

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Do I need planning permission for a storage container?

Storage containers are non-permanent so in most cases not. However if the storage container is going to be in a residential area, near a road junction, or likely to cause complaints from neighbours, we recommend you check with your local planning authorities.
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What should I put underneath the storage container?

Storage containers are self-supporting and do not need any special foundations, however for the doors to operate properly they should be placed on level ground. Our drivers can help with the positioning, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the storage container sit . Examples of suitable materials are railway sleepers underneath the storage container, or a concrete paving block under each corner. Once level you can load up to 30 tonnes in a container without problem.

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If we rent storage containers, can we buy them at a later date?

It may be possible to buy your container at a later date. Please contact us for details.
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If we purchase storage containers, will you buy them back at a later date?

Yes, we frequently buy back containers from clients. The price will be subject to the condition and age of the container and any transport costs associated with collection.

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Can storage containers be selected, so we know exactly what we are buying?

Yes, we have a number of container depots around the UK, and containers can be inspected and selected prior to purchase. Simply give us 24-48 hours notice in order to make arrangements.
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Do we have a choice of colour?

Yes, storage containers are available in various colours, although Blue and Green are the most common colours. Mr Box also offers an external repainting service, where we can repaint to any colour to suit your purpose. We use original specification marine quality paint that can be matched to BS and RAL colours.
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How and when do we pay for the storage container?

You can pay for a storage container in a variety of ways, including cash, company cheque, credit card (Visa/Mastercard), debit card, and cash. When hiring a storage container the first payment required is the first four weeks container rental, along with the delivery and collection charges.
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Do the storage containers have a problem with condensation?

There is a general misconception that condensation is an issue. The basic rule is that if you don’t load damp materials there is not a problem. We guarantee all our equipment as being watertight and additionally we equip our storage containers with ventilators that allow the container to breathe. However if you are using the storage container to store sensitive goods we recommend you opt for a high vented container. These have 10 ventilators fitted (most companies only fit 2) and this ensures condensation can be easily avoided. By using this design, many of our customer use our containers for storing furniture, paper archives and electrical goods. If you have major concerns we can also provide an anti-humidity product that hangs inside the container to ensure it is kept dry.
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What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Steel storage containers are very robust and require little or no maintenance. They are manufactured to a full marine specification and designed to endure harsh conditions at sea. The are constructed using full marine grade paint, rot proof marine ply floors and galvanised or stainless steel fitting. When used in a domestic environment they provide years of maintenance free life. To ensure the doors are kept in good working order they should be placed on level ground, and we recommend that you grease the door hinges and locking rods at regular intervals.
Please ask to see our Terms and Conditions and Hire Contract for further details.
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