20ft ‘Aperol Spritz’ Bar

We were asked by a branding agency to create a modified container to promote the Italian drink’s brand Aperol Spritz on a PR tour over the summer.

Mr. Box supplied a new 20ft open-sided container with bi-folding doors covering the entire length of one side to allow plenty of access to the bar inside. We modified the container as follows:

  1. The container was lined out entirely with timber decking.
  2. Strengthening was added to support various signs, shelves and light boxes; including a large sign for the container’s roof.
  3. Prepared the container for various pieces of bar and serving equipment.
  4. Fitted lights, sockets and other electrical fixtures including a retractable awning with wind sensor, for the front of the container.
  5. Original container doors were removed and a personnel door fitted for staff access.
  6. Repainted the container bright orange inside and out.
  7. Fabricated a 4-part aluminium ramp with timber decking fixed on the top.

Over the summer the container has been touring its way around the country stopping in hotspots in major cities such as London, Manchester and Bristol to set-up and promote Aperol Sprtiz. The container was accompanied by plenty of extras ranging from the usual seats and tables to the slightly more unusual potted plants and ping-pong tables!

The tour went down very well at each event with thirsty passers-by making the most of the pop-up barm, as well as making sure to grab an eye-catching Aperol Spritz orange hat and sunglasses to keep cool in the summer months. The container’s tour made plenty of appearances on twitter with the hashtags #ItStartsNow #AperolSpritz with plenty of tweets and photos.

Our gallery shows photos of the bar at various points of the summer tour as well as a few shots of the container before it hit the road.