Containers Fitted with Picture Frame Air Conditioning Unit

Often, Mr Box are asked to fit air conditioning units (AC) to our container conversions. There are several different ways to do this, but the simplest and most efficient is to use a “picture frame AC unit”.

The advantage of this design is that it is much more compact because the AC box is combined with the condenser and outlet to form a single unit.

It is equipped with a sliding cassette mechanism that allows the AC unit to be slid into the container during transport and shipping. Therefore, there are no protruding parts that may get damaged.

This design complies with both ISO and TIR regulations, meaning the container can be shipped using conventional container transportation equipment including cellular ships.

The photos above show the picture frame AC unit fitted to a standard 20ft container.

  • The AC unit is stowed within the container ready for shipping and transportation.
  • On site, the AC unit is slid outwards ready for use.