20ft ISO Containerised Workshop For A Naval Dockyard

Mr Box were asked to build another 20ft containerised workshop for our client to service Naval vessels. The workshop can be easily moved around the dock yard, and when needed placed on-board ship. This means the dock workers have a fully equipped workshop close by, as opposed to dockside, thus saving a lot of time.

Mr Box produced the design (in CAD) and specification which was agreed upon with our client. The specification included the following:

  1. Supply 1 x new 20ft ISO container and modify as follows:
  2. Fit Secure Personnel Door in to right hand container
  3. Fit 6 off. 300mm x 300mm Aluminium Louvered Vents
  4. Fabricate and fit 1 off. 200m x 200mm aperture to the end wall of container with complete with weather proof cowl/hood.
  5. Fit wall mounted cassette Air Conditioning Unit – 4.9kw cooling capacity
  6. Overlay original plywood floor with Aluminium Chequer Plate with return lip up surrounding walls
  7. Fit steel lining bars to side walls and ceiling of container, and insulate with 50mm celotex insulation between lining bars, overlay 12mm plywood lining boards and finish with white Faced Aluminium Panels ling panels.
  8. Fabricate and fit heavy duty workbench using steel box section frame, 30mm hardwood top overlaid with 316 2b Stainless Steel.
  9. Fit 1 x 8 drawer unit under workbench (500mm wide)
  10. Fit 2 x Cupboards under workbench (1000mm wide each)
  11. Supply & Fit 2 x 6″ Irwin Record Engineers Vices to workbench

Fit NICEIC Certified Electrics to include:

  • 2 x external plugs + 2 x isolators, single phase – 1 x 110v and 1 x 240v
  • 4 x double vapour proof strip lights in cases
  • 3 x 115v sockets above workbench
  • Light switch
  • Consumer board to suit
  • All internal wiring fitted inside surface mounted plastic conduit

Mr Box then arranged for delivery to the customer dock yard using a hiab equipped truck.

From receipt of order to the workshop being delivered was less than 4 weeks!