40ft Retail Sales and Advertising Container Conversion

40ft Retail Sales and Advertising Container Conversion - Pic 1

Our client a world-wide supplier of high performance sportswear asked us to construct a mobile Retail and Advertising Pod that could travel around Europe assisting them to them to increase brand awareness and retail sales. We jointly designed the 40ft container conversion shown.

The donor container was a new 40ft tunnel (double doors both ends) unit to which we added an additional set of double doors to the side panel. Internally the container is equipped with special racking for hanging garments, lashing rings for securing packing cases, 40 spot lights, several power points, TV monitors for showing videos, and anti-slip rubberized flooring. The interior was also sprayed silver to reflect light.

The exterior was sprayed black with the clients logos applied. We than strengthened the roof and constructed a rood terrace for a DJ booth, with an special access ladder from the rear. The Pod is also powered by its own generator and therefore is easily transported from site to site by either truck, rail and or sea.

It is currently travelling around Europe to major sporting events – the photo show the units being used at the Hannover Marathon.