50ft Containerised Electrostatic Precipitator Power And Control Unit

Our customer, whose business involves process power, control, automation, and instrumentation solutions across a wide range of power generation and process industries asked us to build them a 50ft containerised enclosure for housing their Electrostatic Power Precipitators.

ESPs are used to collect solid particulate matter from the exhaust gases emitted by industrial processes such as coal-fired power generation, steel and cement manufacturing, and waste incineration. They are also used in a similar manner in chemical and wet processes.

The customer is installing a system in Mexico at new Coal Fired Power Station and needed a turnkey solution that can be safely transported with their ESP controller to site.

The enclosure was constructed in two parts using 20ft and 30ft containers joined to create a 50ft long enclosure.

Mr Box produced the design (in CAD) and specification which was agreed with our client. The specification included the following:

  1. Supply 1 x New 40ft High Cube & 1 x New 20ft High Cube
  2. Reduce the external length of the 40ft container to 30ft incorporating the original end frame for strength
  3. Supply capping strips to stop any water ingress when joined
  4. Supply and fit 2 x personnel doors with emergency escape bars (to be supplied with suited keys)
  5. Supply and fit 2 x channels fitted to run full length of units, secured to the to the containers X members and underside, and machine slotted apertures as per customers drawing
  6. Strengthen both container roofs to allow people walking on roof
  7. Fit floating floor using removable, non-skid, vinyl covered computer floor panels, strong enough to withstand all equipment + 5 men
  8. Line and insulate using steel lining bars, Rockwool insulation (RWA45 50mm), and 15mm MDF boards (1hr fire rated), then overlay with Fit 1.2mm white aluminium composite sheets
  9. Supply and fit 2 no. Perspex Windows – 900mm x 900mm with security bars, including 2 x cover plates for above windows for shipping
  10. Supply 2 no. Dry Powder 6KG Fire Extinguishers
  11. Fit certified electrics as follows:
    • 1 x 4KVA Enclosed Transformer 480v/110 Volt 60Hz
    • 1 x 6way fuse board c/w 4 x Double pole MCB ,– 5 x 110 Volt Double 5ft lights
    • 4 x double Mexico Sockets 20amp circuit
    • 2 x Emergency lights one over each door 110 Volt
    • 2 x1 gang 2 way light switches over each door
    • Additional MCB 4A Type C to be included
    • All wire in surface mounted plastic trunking and conduit . Where containers join the Cables will be linked via link ups – Cables that join the 2 container to be pulled back, coiled up and labelled. 4 x Earthing Tags
    • All electrical components to current Mexican standards
  12. Supply Emergency Lighting and Exit signs in Spanish (Mexican)
  13. Supply and fit Fire Detection Alarm System, as follows:
    • 1 x PSU 110 volt Panel that transforms down to 24 volt
    • 1x 4-2 Zone Fire Panel 24 volt, 2 x Manual Fire call points
    • 2 x sounder beacons
    • 3 x optical smoke detectors
    • 2 x 3.3AH 12V Lead Acid Alarm batteries
    • cable will be FP-200 Gold 2Core 1.5mm
  14. Repaint exteriors to RAL 7035 – using SEMI GLOSS (Hempels paint)
  15. Re decal both units for shipping
  16. Sheet off open ends for transport to keep dry

The photos show the first of 3 units having been fitted out at the customer’s premises in the UK.