Acoustics Lab

Acoustics Lab - Pic 1

Our customer a Defence Contractor, asked us to produce a unit in which they can test military communication equipment. The unit obviously needed to be specially sound insulated on all surfaces including the walls, ceiling and floor. An internal wall separates the office / monitoring area form the sound room. High decibel noise is then transmitted into the sound room and the results monitored from the Office section.

In order to accommodate the additional insulation we converted a new high-cube (9 feet 6 inches high) container, removed the original doors and filled the void with a new matching corrugated panel. We then added a high security personnel door and window to the office area. The insulation was installed into stud work, and under a floating floor, then clad internally with wipe clean melamine finished boards. All the electrics, lighting, heating, are run an RCB and then surfaced mounted using plastic trunking along with data cabling . Lastly we built in work surfaces and special speaker stands.

The units was then delivered ready to use to the customer on a Hiab equipped truck.