British Olympic Sailing Team Workshop

British Olympic Sailing Team Workshop - Pic 1

This unit was commissioned by the Royal Yachting Association to act as a workshop and team welfare unit for the British Olympic Sailing Team during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. We converted a new 40′ high cube tunnel container (double container doors on both ends).

The unit is divided into 2 sections; one side for the Workshop, and the other for the Machinery Room. A fully sound insulated dividing wall was built to separate the 2 sections.

The Workshop contains all the equipment required to repair the entire fleet of boats competing at the Olympics, including tool cabinets, spare parts racks, a pillar drill, and sail repair and storage facilities. Additionally it is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis Machine, to provide clean water, and an Ice Making Machine and Fridge for preparing the athletes Isotonic drinks. The Workshop is fully insulated using Ecotherm insulation, with the interior clad with aluminium composite panel that offers good sound and temperature insulation properties while being hardwearing and durable. To maintain a good working temperature Air-conditioning was fitted, and inside the main container doors we fitted an additional set of double glazed doors. The original container floor was overlaid with a seam welded aluminium floor, which was in turn overlaid with a soft but durable rubberised flooring.

The Machinery Room section houses a generator, water tanks, water pump and filters, along with the condensers for the AC units. Special ISO and CSC compliant doors were placed in the side of the Equipment Room which can be left open on site to allow the AC Condensers to vent. Similarly for the Compressor we built special vents for exhaust gases.

Electrical equipment included Air-conditioning, lighting, VHF radio, numerous power points, and WiFi internet access.

The unit, painted white to reflect heat, is stand alone and can be run from both mains power and the generator. Once placed on site it is ready to operate with minutes, and look after the needs of the Team and their Boats.

Mr Box then arranged for the container to be Certified as compliant to all the regulations required for being transported by sea, rail or road.