Hydraulic Fold-Down Side Container Conversion

As part of our ongoing innovation in container conversions Mr Box wanted to explore the concept of a container with an integrated hydraulic folding side. Our internal brief was to develop a reliable and easy to use design to form an unusual and eye catching adaptable working product.

We also wanted to offer both inside and outside space that could be set-up simply and quickly by a single operator, thus avoiding any complicated assembly such as a separate decking area.

To achieve this this container is fitted with a hydraulic ram for lifting/lowering the folding platform. It was important that the hydraulics were housed within the cube of the container without using up internal space and cluttering the design. For this reason we adapted a 20ft container that allowed us to house the hydraulic equipment safely underneath the container.

The original container side was completely removed, the frame of the container strengthened, and a rigid weight bearing platform fabricated which folds up or down using the hydraulics.

The specification was designed as a practical Exhibition Stand with added wow factor, but with the added benefits that it be easily transported and takes minutes to set up. It is equipped with:

  • An electrically operated retractable awning
  • A fully insulated interior clad out in a high gloss bright white internal lining
  • Super high quality bi-fold doors down one side
  • Eye-catching port-hole windows
  • A premium paint finish
  • A high quality gloss kitchen unit with hidden water heater and sink
  • Spot lights, and electrical points

We believe the design lends itself well to a range of uses including but not limited to:

  • Exhibition stand
  • Home or office extension
  • Mobile retail unit
  • Pop-up facility as a bar or food outlet
  • PR stand
  • Club room
  • Glamping accommodation
  • Hospitality Suite

There are a huge range of additional modifications that can be applied to the basic model allowing customers to create their own design that’s impressive, unique and highly functional. Speak to our conversions team today to find out more about turning your ideas into a reality.