Container Partitions

Adjustable Container Partitions

Self-assembly partitions that can be inserted without the need for special tools and welding and can be adjusted or removed later.

  • These are ideal for use with our 20ft tunnel containers (container with double containers doors at both ends).
  • The traditional way of partitioning involves fabricating an internal steel partition that is welded into place. This means costly labour charges, burns the container paint, and once installed cannot be moved.
  • The new easy-to-fit design has the advantage that it is completely self-assembly (it only takes approx. 20 minutes to install) there is no welding involved (so that container’s paint is not damaged), and they can also be quickly adjusted (to form different room sizes).
  • Alternatively if your customer requires a larger space they can be completely removed and stored away for future use. This allows you to create flexible room sizes depending on your customer’s needs.
  • The partition is built with 16-gauge powder coated corrugated steel with sprung loaded locating fitting lugs and these partitions are completely secure.

Fabricated Bespoke Partitions

Individually designed bespoke partitions with the option to include doors, windows and other conversion features within. Please speak to our conversion team for more information about designing your bespoke partitions.

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