Containerised Mobile Engineering Work Shops

Our client who is a major engineering company commissioned Mr Box to build a number of engineering workshops for use on the new project constructing a number of vessels for the British Government. They asked that the workshops be designed to that they could be placed either on board (and moved as each deck is completed) or close to the dry dock so that workers did not need to travel to their main factory which is some distance away. Thus saving speeding up production time. The design also had to facilitate that the workshops could be easily moved to other ship yards as and when needed.

We built 2 works shops:

20 foot Jobbing Shop – using a standard 20 container the workshop was designed for basic fabrication purposes. It was insulated and lined and equipped with ventilation and heating. An additional high security personnel door was placed in the side and the original flooring was overlaid using steel checker plate. The workshop was then equipped with 3 phase, 240, and 110 volts eclectics. We also supplied and fitted the machinery – pillar drill, engineers benches with vices, grinder, etc.

20 x 16 foot Engineering Shop – a similar design to the on-board jobbing shop but manufactured from 2 x 20′ Open-sided containers joined together to make a bigger area. We developed a water tight joining method that could be disassembled as required. This workshop had a Lathe, a Chop Saw and a Bending Machine installed.

All the fabrication and fit out was completed in out depot in Liverpool, following which the finished units were transported to site using hiab equipped trucks. Our team travelled with the units and final joining together and commissioning was completed with 1 day.

Mr Box also designed and fabricated a Roof Assembly to form a weather proof area between the 2 workshops that is simply fixed into the adjacent containers corner castings, again saving assembly time.

The whole project was completed on time and much to the customers satisfaction.