Containerised Workshop

Our customer who offers services to petrochemical projects in multiple locations worldwide asked to design and build a workshop that can be easily handled and shipped using conventional handling equipment.

The specification included:

    • A high security personnel door placed into the existing container doors.
    • The original container floor was overlaid with 3mm steel checker plate and fitted 10 spring loaded recessed lashing rings.
    • A steel mesh partition with a lockable door.
    • Steel shelving.
    • Work bench with heavy duty vice
    • Steel tool cabinets.
    • Steel storage bins.
    • Steel framework for hanging lashing.


Certified Electrics were also fitted which included

    • Vapour proof fluorescent lights.
    • 110v sockets
    • 240v sockets.
    • 2kw heater.
    • 2kw transformer.
    • External isolator and generator socket.


The exterior was then re-sprayed to the customer colour and their corporate logos were applied.

Because the workshop it is be shipped internationally the all modifications were kept with within the ISO cube and the container was re-certified for shipping.