Glamping Experience Containers

We were asked by a camping holiday client to create two containers for a new range of glamping accommodation they were looking to introduce to their site. The core idea of the concept is to provide pop-up accommodation with an urban glamping theme, something which is proving increasingly popular for holiday makers!

Before our client put in their furniture and fittings we modified the container in the following ways:

  • Inserted 3no. UVPC-framed double glazed windows.
  • Fitted certified electrical fixtures including, sockets and lights.
  • Modified the container doors so that they are easier to open/close and can be secured from the inside as well as from the outside.

After delivering the modified containers to site, our client furnished the insides and added some of their own finishing touches to the containers. This included a decked area around the outside of the container.

These containers were a trial concept and since their installation have proven to be very popular! We’ve been told that more containers will be going on-site in the years to come and that the designs might be more interesting next time around, so watch this space!