Mobile Lab Container

We were asked by a University client to create a 20ft mobile lab for measuring air pollution levels and how this affects cloud formation and rainfall patterns. The container needed to be packed with electrical solutions for all of the specialist measuring equipment, A/C to ensure the instruments didn’t overheat and most importantly needed to be suitable for international shipping so the ab could be deployed at locations around the world.

Before our client put in their furniture and instruments we modified the container in the following ways:

  • Steel bulk-head fitted behind the main container doors featuring double doors
  • Emergency exit door
  • UVPC tilt/turn window
  • 2 Dantherm air-conditioning units, suitable for shipping and stowable
  • Lining and extra thick insulation, including container floor
  • Black vinyl floor overlay
  • Various access apertures for pipes and cables to be run into the container
  • Cable and pipe support tray with aperture leading through interior bulkhead
  • Gas cylinder storage
  • Floor mounted lashing rings for cargo
  • Electrical fit including various industrial sockets and 30 double domestic sockets. Lighting also included in both sections
  • Ethernet wiring, including 10 connection points and integrated patch panel
  • Fitting free-issued UPS
  • Re-certify CSC plate for international shipping

The container is now currently under-going field testing here in the UK ahead of deployment to locations around the world, which include an Artic research vessel!