Nuclear Facility Changing Rooms – Container Conversion

We were asked by a nuclear facilities management company at Sizewell to supply them with a changing room facility to be partly fabricated in our depot and the assembled on-site. The changing room was built using 4 x 40ft containers cut to 30ft placed in a 2×2 configuration to create a large changing room, storage, and office space.

Once delivered to Sizewell the containers were assembled on-site and are now used to allow personnel to move between different areas of the reactor building safely as well as providing better storage and office space than the previous facility.

The specification was a follows:

Fabrication & Joinery

Cut down 4 x units to 30ft & refit original end frames, prepare units for joining

Remove 1 x long side wall on each lower unit and strengthen accordingly – Retain section of wall for shelving and remove 1 x long side wall on each upper unit and strengthen accordingly

Fit 2 x inward opening access door and 1 x outward opening access door

7 x White UPVC windows approx. 350x1200mm each

Shelved storage area

Cut roof/roof aperture (for staircase to go through) in one corner of one unit

Fabricate & fit mild steel staircase (up to top level) – chequer plate surface – galvanised handrail to one side

Line & insulate interior walls – lining panels white, wipe clean & 30 min. fire rated

Panel to be Multi-Pro XS – medium density magnesium silicate panel

Original plywood floor overlaid with 18mm plywood

Overlay plywood floor with black polyfloor

Fit 2 x hand basin sinks to walls, 1 x under sink heater, 1 x towel dispenser, and 30 x coat hooks

1no. 1.5m x 1m bladed louver with backdraft damper that shut when there is no flow

1 x Desk, 1 x Shoe Rack, 1 x Boot Rack

1 x Barrier -1.2 white faced face – wipe clean, durable – lift up counter/flap

Galvanised tubular handrail to roof perimeter, c/w access gate & kick plate


240V, metal clad distribution board, with 100A (minimum) rated incoming switch.

240V Lighting, to conform to CIBSE guidance

6x 240V double sockets, protected by 30mA RCD

5x 110V single sockets, supplied from a 5kVA, 240V/110V transformer

3x external bulkhead lights, ingress protection to IPX5 minimum

2x telephone/LAN double sockets

2x 240V Switched Fused Flex Outlet Spur

Cabling for Tannoy system

Cabling for 4x Apollo XP95 optical smoke detectors (1 per container)

Cabling for 1x XP95 manual call point (1 by exit door on ground floor)

Cabling for 2x E2S ‘red’ 24V DC sounders (1 per floor)

Telephone and associated fixings and wiring, with a handset (2x handsets) to be accessible from the both sides of the full-width barrier

One fire alarm sounder, type E2S ‘red’ 24v DC sounder part number A105NDC24R, per floor, (two in total)

One Apollo XP95 optical smoke detector in each container (four in total)

2 x Air conditioning units fitted with heating and cooling capacity -Dantherm MK11 Unit


Standard Hempels Marine Paint specification repaint of containers after work

On Site Work

Attend site and join units – Estimated 5 days’ work on the site. Includes fabrication of weatherproofing strips prior to attendance

Customer to supply mobile crane & operator for positioning units, crane will need to stay during joining in case any units need manoeuvring slightly