Opensided Containerised Workshops

A regular Mr Box customer who services naval ships asked us for another batch of workshops. The workshops can be easily moved around the dock yard, and when needed placed on-board ship. This means the dock workers have a fully equipped workshop close by, as opposed to dockside, thus saving a lot of time.

This time they wanted 20ft engineering workshops, but with the added benefit of being open sided. They also asked if we could incorporate a covered open-air area.

Mr Box produced the design (in CAD) and specification which was agreed upon with our client. The specification included the following:

  1. Supply  x new 20ft ISO Container with double bi-fold doors.
  2. Supply and fit 3 x 300mm sq. Louvered Vents.
  3. Supply and fit 11 no. ceiling hooks for cables and welding lines.
  4. Fabricate and fit foundation plates to container underside to enable machinery to properly secured.
  5. Supply and fit the following machinery:
    • 1 x fixed Bench complete with heavy duty Bench Vice.
    • 1 x fixed Bench complete with 2 x heavy duty Bench Vices.
    • 1 x Chop-Saw.
    • 1 x mobile Bench with tool draw and equipment cupboards. Mounted on lockable castors for securing in place when in use.
    • 1 x Bench with Guillotine.
    • 1 x mobile Bench, with lockable wheels and recessed fixing into floor complete heavy-duty (plate) Bender.
    • 2 x Loading Ramps 1200 W x 1800 with a minimum SWL of 1000kg.
    • Brackets fitted to inside of a bi-folding door for ramp storage.
    • 2 no. removable Safety Bollards with retractable lines.
    • All machines to be fitted with Lockable Rotary Isolators.
  6. Supply and fit Electrical/Welding items as follows:
    • 1 x Light Switch.
    • 2 x 240v double-Gang Socket.
    • 4 x 110v double-Gang Socket.
    • 6 x 5ft vapour-proof double Strip Lights with shatter proof diffusers
    • 5 x 0.5″ double Airline Points.
    • 3 x 415v Welding Sockets (16a).
    • 3 x Emergency Bulkhead Lights.
    • 1 x directional Black Heater.
    • 1 x Manrose 300mm Extractor Fan.
    • 1 x powered/articulated Weld Extraction Arm.
    • 1 x 2000mm x 6000mm electric Awning (fire retardant) with controls.
    • 1 x external 3P+N+E 63a 415V Inlet (IP67) & Isolator (IP66).
    • 1 x external 110v 32a 2P+E Inlet (IP67) & Isolator (IP66).
    • IP66 isolators all rated at 100a.
    • 1 X external 2″ Air Inlet Point.
    • Consumer board(s) to feature: 3-phaseboard, separate 110v/415v supplies and 8 no. RCBOs.
    • All electrics to be wired in galvanised trunking/conduit and use low-smoke cabling.
  7. 1 x Fire Board for customer to fit own extinguisher etc.
  8. Exterior paint blue (RAL 5010) and re-decal.