Recycling Sorting Room Container Conversion

We recently completed a container conversion for waste management company Biffa, in London.

Biffa were using an old cabin for sorting recyclables, where employees were having to manually push the wheely bins into the unit and tip them onto tables for sorting. Looking for a better solution Biffa contacted Mr Box.

We designed a custom-made conversion using two 40ft containers that would best suit Biffa’s needs. The two units were joined together onto a ready-made base at the Biffa site, creating the shape for a large recycling sorting room.

Specially made-chutes were then built into the side walls that fit with Biffa’s newly-purchased machinery, that can pick up a wheely bin and tip out the contents, eliminating the need for employees to do this manually. The contents of the bins can now be tipped down the chutes onto large tables inside the unit for employees to sort the recyclables.

Power, air-conditioning, flooring, wall lining, and insulation were added to the unit. As well as large windows positioned by the chutes to enable employees to see when the bins are approaching.

Finally the unit was finished off by being painted in Biffa red and was fitted with their branding.


  • Long side container walls removed, vertical uprights fitted, sheeted off for transportation to site
  • Supply/fit of 3 x bin chute apertures
  • Supply/fit of eight 1mx1m UVPC windows with toughened glass
  • Supply fit of one standard personnel door
  • Supply/fit of one personnel door with push-bar exit
  • Fitted black vinyl flooring throughout
  • Fitted electrics
  • Repaint container exteriors RAL 3020 ‘Biffa Red’
  • Biffa logos applied