Bespoke Control Cabin For Under Water Cable Laying Vessel

We were asked by a regular customer to supply them with bespoke sized container to be placed on board a vessel that lays underwater cables, primarily involved in off-shore wind farms and telecommunications industries.

The container is a bespoke size and shape being 5.2m long x 2m wide x 2.6m high. It also has a unusual shape with 1 side being chamfered to allows the Control Room Operators to look down on the deck operations, where lengths of cables are spliced.

The specification is as follows:

  1. Side, End & Roof Panels manufactured from 1.5mm corrugated corten steel.
  2. ISO corner castings to top & bottom for securing the Control Office to other containers and allow ease of lifting.
  3. Corten steel channel frame with C section steel cross members.
  4. Unit fitted with fork lift pockets.
  5. After fabrication the unit was fully shot blasted to SA 2.5 SA, and painted using 2 Pack Epoxy Paint system (DFT 200 Microns). Underside costed using a  Bituminous under seal.
  6. Flooring is 27mm plywood overlaid with 1.5mm black polyflor (vinyl)
  7. Fitted with 1 x Standard Personnel Door (10 point locking) with glass viewing panel and emergency escape mechanism.
  8. Equipped with white UPVC Fixed Windows with marinised toughened glass.
  9. Interior insulated with using Rockwool insulation, and lined using 12mm marine plywood, clad with 1.2mm white aluminium sheets.
  10. Equipped with a Mitsubishi 3.5kw Heat Pump Invertor AC unit.

The Control Cabin is now on board the vessel ready for operations in Korea.