Shipping Container Florist

Mr Box were asked to build a container conversion to be used as a florists for an out of town shopping precinct. The idea being that this small but interesting addition will help to attract additional foot fall to the area.

Our customer wanted us to retain the container’s industrial look but adapt for ease of use by creating a powered flap that rises up at a touch of a button to form a large serving hatch (the flap acting as a rain canopy in case of bad weather). Mr Box developed a design and converted a 10ft high cube container, modifying it as follows:

  1. Supply 1 x 10ft High-cube container.
  2. Supply & fit 2 x 1100 x 900 aluminium framed double glazed window to be fitted to container doors whilst retaining the original locking bars.
  3. Remove the complete container side wall and strengthen.
  4. Create a aperture 2.5 x 2.5m and strengthen.
  5. Fabricate a hinged steel canopy to fit the aperture.
  6. Supply and fit electrically powered actuators to operate the flap.
  7. Repaint interior and exterior to customer required colour.

After building the basic container structure Mr Box delivered the container to a specialist company who fitted out the interior. Once done Mr Box then arranged delivery.

The Florists is now installed in the shopping precinct in Orpington in Kent. It sits next to another container conversion, the Pizza 1889 Restaurant, adding both character and colour and thus enhancing the shopping experience.