Super Yacht Containers

Super Yacht Fishing Equipment Store and Fish Preparation Station - Pic 1

Our client a company that supplies Super Yachts to the world’s Super Rich, asked to build a number of container conversions in varying designs to house supplies for the Yacht. The Containers are mounted on board a Shadow or Tender Vessel that follows the super yacht around the world and carrying supplies and ferries to them from the main vessel.

As you’ll imagine the specification was quite exacting in terms of equipment specification and finish. Mr Box supplied to new containers, assisted in the design and then built the conversions.

The general specification is as follows:

1. Insulation, and lining with a high gloss powder coated aluminum composite.
2. New Aluminum checker plate flooring.
3. Air Conditioning.
4. Lighting and power points to marine standards.
5. Repaint to match to colour of the main vessel.

There were 4 separate containers equipped
with the following:

A. Equipment Store

1. Stainless steel racking to house Zarges storage boxes.
2. Stainless steel Pad Eyes fitted to the floor.
3. Stainless steel Lashing Eyes fitted to the walls.
4. Wall mounted tool Cabinets
5. Industrial grade Fridge for food and drink storage

B. Workshops and Store

1. Ceiling mounted fishing road storage racks.
2. 4.5 meter stainless steel cover work bench.
3. Stainless steel racking to house Zarges storage boxes.
4. Under counter Tool cabinets
5. Wall mounted tool cabinet
7. Pillar Drill
8. Vice
9. Wall and floor mounted stainless steel pad eyes

C. Bike and Fishing Tackle Store

1. Wall Mounted Bike racks
2. Floor mounted Stainless steel pad eyes.
3. Wall mounted stainless steel pad eyes.
4. Ceiling mounted fishing road racks
5. Industrial grade Fridge for food and drink storage
6. An aluminium ramp with storage rack

D. Fish Cleaning Station

1. Stainless steel Gutting and fish preparation table and sink equipped with an overhead
spray and electrically operated water heater.
2. Removable waste collection tank mounted under the sink with an exterior access door.
3. Industrial grade freezers for fish and bait storage.
4. Fishing Road storage racks.
5. Lockers for wet weather gear.
6. Tool cabinets for storing reels, traces and other tackle.
7. Bike storage racks.
8. Stainless steel lashing rings and pad eyes.
Mr Box then arranged for the units to be trucked to the ship yard in Barcelona for loading on the vessel.